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Maxxi Building Security and Management

Our vision is to merge creativity and hi-tech and use it to create a safety and security management protocols and technique that is second to none.

Maxxi Building Security and Management
Maxxi Building Security and Management
Maxxi Building Security and Management
Maxxi Building Security and Management
Maxxi Building Security and Management
Maxxi Building Security and Management
Maxxi Building Security and Management
Maxxi Building Security & Management officers are Professionals, self-starters, with strong work ethics and interpersonal skills. Self-motivated and energetic individuals eager to take on challenges and able to set effective priorities to achieve immediate and long term goals. On posts, they are:
  • Trained to be exceptional by maintaining a professional demeanor while providing assistance to customers, employees, visitors, and guests.
  • Maintain a visible presence in the facility / building assigned.
  • Alert with attention to detail while being professional & punctual.
  • Monitor the environment, with the ability to detect suspicious and unsafe activity.
  • Responsible to becoming familiar with incoming and outgoing traffic, knowing the customers, vendors, tenants, visitors, and guests.
  • Greeting all customers, visitors, staff, tenants, guests.
  • Answer all phones and route calls throughout facility.
Maxxi Building Security and Management


  • Permit authorized persons to enter property and monitor all activities.
  • Know the facility / building policies and procedures, and enforce them within the limits of the position.
  • Perform required patrols of designated areas.
  • Observe departing personnel to protect against the theft of company property and ensure authorized removal of property is conducted within appropriate customer requirements‎‎.
The service we provide, increases safety, minimizes the potential for theft, and reduces any potential for litigations.
Maxxi Building Security and Management



There is nothing more important in public spaces than school protection. Our security team has the ability to secure large and small schools, venues, or events. We make sure criminals and over-zealous students can’t break in with dangerous weapons and unauthorized materials. Our security guards are thorough in scanning with metal detectors, spaces where people are entering with personal effects such as backpacks, coolers, cameras, laptop computers etc. We ensure that the security measures in place will actually keep attackers at bay. We detect vulnerability and potential security and safety threats and timely addressing it. We help schools and colleges achieve compliance with a variety of security standards.



Our officers are trained and upgraded in:

  • Active Shooter incidents
  • Natural Disasters
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Chemical Releases
  • Acts Of Terrorism
  • Conducting A Risk Assessment
  • Defining the Hazards and Exposures At Facilities
  • Implementing Emergency Action Plans & Emergency Management Systems
  • Understanding Pertinent Compliance Requirements Under Various Laws And Regulating Agencies, Local & State.
  • Developing an in-house response team
  • Working effectively with vendors and emergency response agencies
  • Drafting business continuity and communication plans


  • Ability to take necessary steps to ensure a safe work environment for all employees.
  • Participate in meetings to discuss workplace safety and regulatory concerns and
  • Actively role model in company fire safety standards.
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with supervisors and employees.
  • Keep the company engineering managers up to date on matters relating to the security and Fire Safety.
  • Ability working with state inspectors and regulatory agencies ‎.
Concierge, front desk, receptionist, doorman
Security consulting / site analysis
Fire safety professional
Mobile patrol
Security officer
Access control

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Our customized security solutions use a combination of surveillance video and human analysis to bring a high level of effective protection to your people and assets.


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